"Based on my 30+ years in publishing: text books, college workbooks, phone books and industrial directories, I can honestly say, Rock LaManna is a gem of printing technology and the printing business!"

Robert Gibbons, Business Broker
Sunbelt Business Brokers


“I worked with Rock on the sale of two companies in the printing industry in which he owned interests, both with EBITDA in the lower middle market range and he was an active and thoughtful participant in both transactions who approached the transactions creatively and offered solutions to achieve a successful outcome for both parties.”

Terri Krivosha,
Maslon LLP


"Rock has been a terrific business strategist and life coach for me for over twenty years. No one single person has done more for me professionally than Rock has. His integrity and genuine concern for my success and personal well-being is unparalleled. Rock is passionate about the pursuit of excellence in everything we do in life - not just in business. I am especially grateful to Rock for his understanding about how needs and conditions change over time. He has done wonders to help me plan for life as it evolves - both at work and at home." 

Jeff Stitt


"Rock has an added role as my coach or mentor to help me stay on task and think bigger picture as it relates to sales and the business.  It is working and has more value than we are paying Rock right now.  I am motivated and energized and empowered to work smarter and more efficiently on delegating my daily tasks to focus on bigger picture items.  Helping me helps our company. It already has."

Jeff S.
President, Imaging Company


"I wanted to work with Rock especially because his seminar was about selling a business. To me Rock is an Icon in the business, and I feel honored that he would want to work with me."

Screen/Flexo Printer Seller, Oklahoma


"You have done some nice marketing work with great insight into selling a business. Thanks for passing these along to me!"
President /CEO, Retail Store Display Producer


“I have known Rock LaManna for almost 10 years and worked with him directly during some of this time. Rock has strong sales and marketing skills and experience as well as visionary and strategic thinking. He has successfully owned, managed and sold businesses that he developed. Rock has uncompromising ethical and integrity standards. I would, without reservation, recommend Rock to anyone who could use his services.”

Independent business consultant


“Rock is a hard charging entrepreneur with a multitude of creative ideas to stimulate and drive business. I enjoy working with him because he has a strong work ethic, high values and is dedicated to the highest standards of business.”
President, Marketing Firm, Florida


“As president of an Advisory Group delivering services to business owners for almost 30 years, I have the opportunity to work with a wide array of independent professionals, and I have been very impressed with the caliber of service that Rock delivers to our common clients, and his personal integrity and ability to get tough jobs completed. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him into any client I am working with”.
President, Business Brokerage, Oklahoma


"I have known Rock LaManna for over 20 years. He has always impressed me with integrity in his dealings with associates, colleagues and clients. If you are looking for help in growing your business through acquisition or if you are considering developing an exit plan, a conversation with Rock could be beneficial."

Retired Chairman, Graphics Company

"Rock, I know in your profession it gets very frustrating when clients procrastinate, shoot the messenger, or decide to bail out after all that you have done for them to succeed. I am sure that you do not get the credit or the appreciation that you deserve from these people. I have seen you in action and I know that you are a winner. Your drive and enthusiasm is unmatched along with your desire to help people and companies exceed their potential. I think that your biggest asset is your ability to make people believe in themselves; that they can succeed and be the best. As for me I appreciate the time that you have invested in me at no cost to yourself and the knowledge and confidence that you have instilled in me. No matter what the future brings for either of us I hope that you will keep your drive and enthusiasm and know that if you ever need anything from me you have only to ask. And by the way I am not the only one who acknowledges that you are a winner.

Plant Manager, Graphics Company, Indiana


"I was talking to Lou the other day and he asked how my job search was going and I told him I was considering sales. He immediately said, "You need to call Rock; he's the best salesman I have ever met."

Lou O.
President/ Financial Consulting Firm, Minnesota


“Rock gets things done!  He’s someone you can trust to help you move the needle on your business growth and to help you get your business in shape!”  He works with real professionals who have the same high level of integrity as he does.  Most importantly he possesses the discipline necessary to keep you focused on the right outcomes for your business.  You can always count on Rock!”

Consulting Company, Iowa


“Your clients hold you in such high regard it is difficult not to fall into a sale, especially when you have recommended it. So far my conversion rate is very high when the Rock sets me up.”

President / CEO, Business Consultancy


“We teach our clients the importance of disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action. You are a prime example of how that leads to success in business and life.”

International Business Coach


Please note that due to the privacy and confidentiality we promise our clients, most of the names below have been withheld. All of the comments below are unsolicited from past and current customers. You may call us for verification of any of the comments below.