Selling Your Business

You've spent years, sacrificing as you built your business and now you're ready to sell. The LaManna Alliance helps owners in the printing graphics, labels, packaging and converting business maximize your investment.

Our focus is on helping you launch and execute a successful transition for yourself and your company

Can you answer the question, "What's next for me?" The LaManna Alliance can help you with that answer, before the sale, through our high-level consulting.

Do Know Your Numbers 

Want to sell your company but don’t know its value? Ever wonder if you could make it grow even larger? A great strategic tool is our online assessment, The Value Builder System (VBS). Don't worry. It's painless.

It’s free to go through the VBS and receive your baseline results. First, you'll gain access to the online questionnaire. Complete it accurately and truthfully.

It's an investment of about 15 to 20 minutes. You be evaluated in 12 different areas and will receive valuation information and more, which we will review.

Interested? Fill out the form below or email me at and put VBS in the subject line. Find out what owners are saying about the VBS in the video below.




Success Stories

“I had been approached by a buyer who offered me a price. I had a valuation performed through the LaManna Alliance.  It turns out I had undervalued the business by 2x the market multiple!  I was about to leave a serious amount of cash on the table. I countered the sellers price — much to my benefit.” 

Transaction in Progress

“This valuation confirmed my own internal financials, which allows me to pursue options with extreme confidence.”

Transaction in Progress

Seller Success Stories

"In 2007 I attended the SGIA show in New Orleans. At the time I signed up for a few seminars and one of which regarded business sale and acquisitions. Rock was the expert giving that seminar. I became extremely impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the printing industry, people and business. At the conclusion I approached him about helping me. 

I listed my business with Rock’s guidance. Later I was successful in selling my business. Rocks’ expertise that I learned in the process has been instrumental to my decision making ever since. The things he told me were going to happen were accurate and came true. The deal was a success and I have happily moved on to achieve other goals. Thanks largely to Rock.

I have spend 32 years in printing and Rock is as knowledgeable as anyone in the business. I recommend him to anyone." 

Scott Downey
Downey Decal & Graphics, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to partner with Rock LaManna in the sale of a Label printing business that was located in Oklahoma, my home state. I have been selling businesses for over 33 years but didn’t know a lot about the Label printing business, nor who the major players were. Rock not only introduced me to the business but also through his knowledge and contacts throughout the industry located the perfect buyer for our client. I certainly appreciate Rock’s expertise and understanding of the industry and hope we can collaborate again.”

Larry Hughes
The Hughes Group


“I worked with Rock on the sale of two companies in the printing industry in which he owned interests, both with EBITDA in the lower middle market range and he was an active and thoughtful participant in both transactions who approached the transactions creatively and offered solutions to achieve a successful outcome for both parties.”

Terri Krivosha
Maslon LLP

No matter which stage you're at, we can help.  Fill in the form below and Rock LaManna will contact you for a one-on-one consultation to assess your current stage and provide options for moving forward!