Growing a Business

Maybe you want to get bigger or realize you need to get bigger for a future sale. Whatever your reason, the LaManna Alliance can help you grow your business.


A great tool for strategic growth is our online assessment, The Value Builder System (VBS). Don't worry. It's painless.

It’s completely free to go through our VBS process and receive your baseline results. I’ll give you access to the online questionnaire. Complete it accurately and truthfully.

It's an investment of about 15 to 20 minutes. You'll be graded in 12 different areas. So you'll get valuation information and more.

Interested? Fill out the form below or email me at and put VBS in the subject line. In the meantime, find out what owners are saying about the VBS in the video below.





The Power of the Alliance

Over the decades, I’ve personally grown, bought and sold successful print companies. I know what works, and this is it:

  • Willingness to operate in a framework of mutual transparency and respect;
  • Openness to trust the process;
  • A personal and financial commitment to work hard and follow through;
  • A burning desire to make positive changes in yourself and your business.


The LaManna Alliance can align you with top professionals in each aspect of critical growth areas. The Alliance can help you with:

  • Traditional Valuations
  • Family Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Internet Marketing and Website Development
  • Sales and Executive Recruiting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Lean Operations
  • Financial Analysis
Fill in your contact info and we'll contact you about the Alliance!