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We Know What Buyers of
Printing Companies Value Most

You can get a business valuation anywhere. The LaManna Alliance can provide a company valuation and an explanation of how you rank in the eyes of private equity firms and strategic buyers. It's all about improving your company’s sales price. 

Determining the valuation of a company, in the printing and print-related industries, requires more than just a general commercial appraisal or an online company valuation calculator.

Valuing a business requires an understanding of what buyers are looking for and what  drives bottom line value.

With a business valuation from the LaManna Alliance, you’ll get an accurate business assessment and our industry expertise. It will help you understand your financials within the context of the industry, and provide a clear choice for your next strategic move.

Click here for more about our traditional valuation service. Here's what some say about it:

“I had been approached by a buyer who offered me a price. I had a valuation performed through the LaManna Alliance.  It turns out I had undervalued the business by a multiple of 2x!  I was about to leave a serious amount of cash on the table. I countered the buyer’s offer — much to my benefit.” Confidential - Transaction in Progress


Is Our Online Assessment a Better Match?

Maybe you want to get bigger or realize you need to get bigger for a future sale. Whatever your reason, the LaManna Alliance can help you grow your business.

A great tool for strategic growth is our online assessment, The Value Builder System (VBS). Don't worry. It's painless.

It’s completely free to go through our VBS process and receive your baseline results. First, you will gain access to the online questionnaire. Complete it accurately and truthfully.

It's an investment of about 15 to 20 minutes. You'll then be graded in 12 different areas. So you'll receive valuation information and more.


Interested? Fill out the form below or email me at and put VBS in the subject line. In the meantime, find out what owners are saying about the VBS in the video below.



Know Your Business Multiples

If you’re thinking of selling your business, you probably can’t stop thinking about multiples.

A multiple is a combination of key metrics into a single number. It is used for industry comparisons, and helps investors establish a price when they’re buying a business.

Every business owner dreams of receiving a high multiple when they sell their business - but that’s dependent entirely on a number of industry-specific metrics.

The LaManna Alliance works with many private equity companies and strategic buyers, so we understand exactly what drives an investor’s business valuation formula.

Resource: The Multiple for the Printing Industry is 4

Business Valuations Define Strategy

Even if selling your business isn’t a top priority, a business valuation can drive your company's strategy.

It’s been estimated that the typical business owner may misjudge the value of the business by 59 percent (Source: Spardata). Without an accurate understanding of what your company is worth, you’re forced to make strategic decisions based on faulty data.

With the right data, an accurate business valuation can help you:

  • Assess your current status
  • Guide your retirement planning
  • Provide a foundation for negotiations
  • Help you provide wealth now and for the future

Resource: How a Business Valuation Could Help Triple Your EBIDTA

Do You Need an Accredited Appraiser?

An independent, accredited appraiser from a business valuation firm will understand the complexities of a printing and print-related business. Our valuation partners are attuned to all facets of your operation.

A valuation from an accredited, independent appraiser also provides the perfect starting point for negotiations, primarily because these appraisers are unbiased experts. They must follow a strict, uniform process.

Finally, accredited appraisers eliminate the need for a second opinion. Their uniform process reduces likelihood of drastically different numbers.  It’s why the LaManna Alliance only partners with accredited appraisers. 

Resource: 5 Reasons a Credible Valuation Doesn’t Need a Second Opinion

Integrity, Passion and Expertise:
The LaManna Alliance Values

The LaManna Alliance has established partnerships and connections with strategic buyers and valuation experts in the industry. We provide complete confidentiality and transparency in all of our operations. It’s this level of trust and integrity which has allowed us to build lifetime relationships with our clients.

Rock LaManna is a Designated BBP Industry Expert in Printing and Print-Related Industries, Signage, and Converting Finishing Services.

The LaManna Alliance - Integrity Matters


Rock LaManna is also a published writer and speaker. His column “The Bottom Line” and other articles are featured in Label and Narrow Web. You can hear his podcast, The Printer's Edge. And he has presented as conferences that include Graph Expo, SGIA Expo, Global Expo, AWA, FESPA International, FSEA, PAF, ISA, InPrint USA, and ICE USA Expo.

Rock LaManna - Label and Narrow Web

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