What's Next for Me and My Business?

Posted by Rock LaManna

What Do I Do Next_ - Rock Lamanna - LaManna Alliance PodcastLately, I've been getting the same call from printing business owners. They're asking, "What do I do next?" As businesses grow and owners age, new challenges and opportunities can emerge.

In this episode of the Printer's Edge Podcast, you'll find out what you should be thinking about now, in order to prepare yourself and your business for the best future.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you need to start setting goals for one, three, five, and ten year increments.
  • The important steps you need to take as you approach retirement.
  • How to best prepare an exit strategy or succession plan.
  • How death should be seen as a business.
  • How to prepare your family for your transition.

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