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Rock LaManna - Greatest HitsOver the years, I've put out a lot of good content on my blog and sometimes people ask me about my greatest hits. I've found that certain posts are consistently popular and useful to the printing and print related industries. 

I also know that during busy times, you may not be able to search through my article archives. I don't want you to miss out on marketplace knowledge. Remember, industry knowledge is power!

With that in mind, I've put together a greatest hits list. These are some of our top posts that have come out over the past three years. Whether it's your first time reading them or a good refresher, I'm confident you'll appreciate the knowledge you'll find in each one.  Check out our fabulous five:

Smart Packaging: The Future of Packaging is Here

Smart Packaging is one of the hot new trends that both excite and confuse owners. The more you understand about this emerging industry, the more you’ll see how it fits into your current - and future - packaging strategy. To read more, click here.


The Multiple for the Printing Industry is Four

The most commonly asked question from printing owners who are thinking of selling their business: What is the multiple for the printing industry? My answer is 4. Find out my explanation on multiples, and the insight of three industry valuation experts. Click here to find out more.


Warning: Why a Cash Trap Must be Avoided at all Costs

For an owner, you’ll never feel quite as hopeless or helpless as when your business is caught in a cash trap.  What’s truly frightening is that many owners don’t know what a cash trap is – and more importantly – what to do if they’re stuck. Click here to read more.


Five Key Elements of an Effective Merger and Acquisition Strategy

If you’re putting together a Merger and Acquisition Strategy, I believe there are five key elements involved in making it work.  But the most important factor is generally overlooked by business owners, and it’s why only 25% of M&As succeed. Click here to read more


New Study Reveals Key to M&A Success

I know what makes an M&A successful. I’ve participated in successful M&As, and I’ve studied successful M&As. But I haven’t seen anyone quantify the key factors in a merger and acquisition until I met John Jullens and learned of the study conducted by Strategy&.
Click here to get the scoop. 


Encore: 2018 Industry Predictions

At a rock concert, you'll hear the greatest hits and maybe get an encore performance. For this list, let's have my annual industry predictions post play that role. Find out if the experts have it right for what's happening in 2018. Click here to check it out.







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