Maximizing Your 2018 Print Business Sales Forecast

Posted by Rock LaManna

Maximizing 2018 Print Business Sales Forecast - Printer's Edge Podcast - Rock Lamanna - LaManna Alliance - Print Business for sale.jpgYour 2018 print business sales forecast needs to be tied to an actionable plan that will define your success in the new year. Simply hoping or guessing you'll grow your printing business is not going to work.

In this episode of the The Printer's Edge Podcast, Rock LaManna and Ken Okel will break down what should be in your strategic plan for 2018.

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • What is the most important part of my strategic plan for 2018?
  • Why is April a very important month for business success?
  • Should you be concerned about your concentration of clients?
  • What should you do if you're not hitting your sales milestones for 2018?
  • When should you adjust your strategic plan for your printing business?

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The Special Needs Equipment Fund

Rock and Ken also talk about their special charity project: The Special Needs Equipment Fund. It was created because too many kids with disabilities need special equipment but their families can’t afford the cost. To learn more click here.

It's been a good year for the printing industry and it's important to  give back to those who are less fortunate. For any amount you donate to the fund (honor system), Rock will give you a free 30 minute strategy call about your printing business. Ask anything and we’ll come up with a game plan.

After you’ve made your tax deductible gift, send Rock an email ( with “Fund Call” in the subject line and we’ll set up a time for your call.

The fund is administered through United Way and 100% of your gift goes to the cause. Thank you for your kind consideration of this opportunity. Let’s make this a bright holiday season for some kids in need.

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