LOI: Deal or No Deal

Posted by Rock LaManna

LOI Deal or No Deal - Rock Lamanna - LaManna Alliance PodcastWhile a Letter of Intent or LOI may make your heart beat a little faster with excitement, you need to understand what can happen next to you and your business. It's a process full of twists and turns that has evolved with private equity playing a growing role in the marketplace.

Prepare to be overwhelmed or empower yourself today. A little knowledge can go a long way.  

On this episode of The Printer's Edge Podcast you will learn about:
  • Why you must understand the due diligence process of private equity.
  • The role of emotions in the process.
  • Who must review the LOI before you sign.
  • Why you'll need patience.
  • The buyer's return on investment expectations.
  • How long a buyer's checklist can be.

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