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 ISA Sign Expo Innovators - LaManna Alliance - Rock Lamanna

There are some great takeaways from a group of companies I call the International Sign Expo innovators. The three businesses recently received rewards for innovation at the ISA Expo. 

As you know, I spend a lot of time in the marketplace, taking to family businesses about their futures. In a world where comfortable can be commonplace, three businesses are taking some chances and using strategy to try to get ahead of the pack.

My Director of Communications, Ken Okel, put together some video profile clips of the winners. I'll supplement those interview with a few thoughts.

Cirrus Systems

This company earned the prize for its SIGHT product. It gives users digital analytics reporting, which lets marketing teams track and maximize digital display campaigns. The web-based software can work with any digital display, giving you fast and easy results for things like A/B testing.

The program can also perform car counting and face tracking. A sign is no longer just something you look at.



As Courtney said, "Don't fear new," is a powerful message for entrepreneurs. While there can be risk in new ideas or processes, careful examination of the needs of marketplace can lower your sleepless nights. 

Sometimes, clients have told me, the ability to get someone from the outside to consider their proposal, allows them to move forward with confidence.


When is something old, something new? INCISEON has a 12v direct replacement for glass tube neon. It has received a UL Listed and a UL Sign Accessory designations, which make it adaptable for a neon retrofit or neon-look project. I'm told it's also easy to install. 

The company is now able to offer the product line in 26 standard colors.



As Jeff said, "What took you so long?" was the feedback he received on the lighting. No one is telling him to stay married to neon technology that's more than 100 years old. 

Think about your products and decide if any of them are in need of a makeover.

Mimaki USA

The company's UCJV300-160 model is the only 60" class UV printer that offers in-line cutting capability and featuring white ink to enable four-layer printing. This lets you create transitional backlit panels that morph color schemes with the light source.

You can either print and cut or cut first and then print labels, decals, window clings, and vehicle markings from the one unit. Flexible UV cure inks allow you to let your imagination run wild for things like day/night signage.



Here we have a technology where customer education will need to be high. But those who are eager to embrace a new technique may see a competitive advantage in their signage. The wow factor can mean a lot to a brand.


For some, the future isn't about innovation but finding the right exit from their business. To reach that goal, you need to know the value of your business. Empowered owners know their numbers. We're proud to offer you some options.

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