Ready to Change Your Business?

Posted by Rock LaManna

LaManna Alliance - Rock LaManna - BrandingI'm guessing that while you're ready to change your business, you may need help getting started. Whether it's growth plans, succession, or selling your business, you know some sort of change is needed. And yet, you're stuck and that important task soon becomes something you always want to get around to. 

For me, that thing was new business photos. While I knew I needed them, I don't really enjoy having them taken. Hey, business development is easy but photography is hard!

My Director of Communication, Ken Okel, kept bringing up the photos as the first phase of a rebranding campaign. Eventually, I agreed to go a photography session at a nearby studio.

While the process is something I still don't love, the experience produced some good photographs. These will play a key role as The LaManna Alliance updates our brand, our website, and our offerings.

These are important changes that need to happen but they can come with some pain. But the pain is more like how you felt after sports practice at the start of the season. You needed to push yourself to get better. In the end, the pain was worth it.

It's also very important to work with a professional. Lucy, my photographer, had the experience to help me make the most of the photo session. Sure, I could take pictures with my iPhone but you take things to the next level when you work with a professional.

Maybe you know it's time for some change at your business but you're not sure where to start. If this is the case, then you should take our online assessment. It's a painless way for you to learn your current business value.

And here's the BIG NEWS: The survey not only gives you a valuation on your business but it also tells you where your business has room to improve. This allows you to make smart decisions about your future.

Our research shows that companies achieving a score of 80+ out of a possible 100 get offers that are 71% higher than the average company.

Value Builder - Square-Ad_Finals_REV-4

Interested? Reach out to me through my email at I will then send you a link to a private online questionnaire. Use your current, actual financial information and your honest input.

We will send your valuation to the email address you use for the questionnaire (private or work email), and I will see the results as well.

At a convenient time, we’ll schedule a phone call to review the findings.

I look forward to learning about your business, your vision for the future, and your timeline. Let's change your business!


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