Sellers: Can You Let Go?

Posted by Rock LaManna

Sellers, Can You Let Go - Rock Lamanna - Printers Edge Podcast 39When it comes time to sell your business, will you be able to let go? I've seen owners lose out on strong offers due to what could only be described as self-sabotage. Let's talk about the mindset and the decisions you need to make now before you decide to sell your business.

On this episode of The Printer's Edge Podcast you will learn:

  • Why many great deals fall through;
  • What should help you choose between multiple good offers;
  • What is the current transition period in today's market;
  • Why you may need a therapist to help you with the sale;
  • When you should start preparing to sell your business.

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And don't forget to check out our 2019 Print Industry Predictions.

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