Landa and 3D Printers: Game-Changing Business Development Strategies?

Posted by Rock LaManna

Game-Changing Strategies
In times of economic woes and antiquated business models, two new innovations loom large in the printing industry.  Landa’s new digital printing press and 3D printing are both emerging as potential game-changing business development strategies.

In this four-part series, I’m going to take a closer look at how these technologies could dramatically impact the printing industry and your business.  I’m going to call in a few outside experts and get their take on the potential paradigm shift.

More importantly, I’m going to do something you may find unsettling. I will look at these issues as I attempt to look at any new developments for my readers:  Without any bias or preference toward my own industry.

What good will that do?  Shouldn’t I be considering how new technologies will impact your businesses, and what you can do to make adjustments to meet them?

Actually, I don’t think that will do any good at all.

In fact, it would simply enable the behavior that’s crushed so many printing companies during the current transitional period our business finds itself struggling to fight through.

You see, biasing your approach to a new technology based on what you do and how you make money will not yield a solid objective analysis.  

The new technologies I’ll be looking at – Landa’s printing press and 3D printing – could both potentially upset the applecart.  They’re revolutionary, and would dramatically impact how we approach our clients, and our daily operations.

When innovations like these emerge, it’s better to understand these technologies first, and wrap your head around how they will recreate the world around us.  If warranted, you should then consider a business model based on that new technology.

Take 3D printing, for example.  This technology would allow for a highly customized, 3D object to be printed on-site.  Jay Leno, for example, owns a 3D printer, and uses it to make out-of-stock parts for his vintage automobiles. Watch this jaw-dropping video for a demonstration.

After watching that video, the knee-jerk reaction might be, “3D technology will never catch on.  How could I integrate that into my operation and make money?”

And that’s exactly the danger.  When we look at these technologies, we have to think how they impact the world, and not just our little corner of it.  We need to see the technologies for their own merit, and then find the opportunities within it.  

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