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Confidentiality and Integrity are Crucial When Choosing Advisers to Help you Sell Your Company

3 Bad (But Common) Reasons to Not Sell Your Business

Overcoming the Painful Process of Letting Go of Your Business

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Prepare to Sell Your Business Early to Avoid a Retirement Fiasco

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Three Metrics to Consider Now for an Accurate Business Valuation

4 Ways Contingency Planning Makes The Future Less Terrifying

6 Steps to Follow When Faced With an Acquisition Offer

3 Important Business Questions a Valuation Can Answer

What is Fair Market Value of a Business?

The Pitfalls of Selling Your Business Alone

When a Basic Business Valuation is all you Need

Buying, Selling and Leaving My Company Behind

3 Keys to Restructuring My Business Amidst Looming Uncertainty

Lessons Learned: How My Father Sold His Business

The Types of Business Valuations

How Inbound Marketing Could Help Sell Your Business

How Gray Divorce Can Hurt Retired Business Owners

4 Expert Legal Tips to Prepare for Selling a Business

The #1 Mistake to Avoid When Selling Your Business

8 Insider Tricks to Make Your Business More Sellable

Five Expert Tips for Selling Your Business in 2015

Experts’ 2015 Predictions for Print Label and Converting Industries

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Alarming Statistics if You’re Preparing to Sell Your Business

The Best of the LaManna Alliance Blog in 2014

High-Value Relationships Key to Trade Printer DLS’s Success

Why Human Behavior Causes Problems When Selling a Business

Trade Printer Brightfish Label Takes Digital Printing to New Heights

How Working with Trade Printers Formed a Reseller’s Niche

Five Reasons Why a Valuation is so Incredibly Valuable

"Separate Worlds" Help Avoid Family Business Problems

When to Sell Your Business: When the Numbers Surprise You

Why are 75% of Owners Unhappy With Life After Retirement?

Wheels for Kids - A Small Charity with a Big Mission

Only Two Percent of Owners are Truly Ready to Sell Their Business

Label Printer Passes on Global, Focuses on Local

The Worst Place to Be if You Want to Sell Your Business Fast

The World’s Most Exalted Wide-Screen Digital Format Print Job

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Eight Reasons Why a Strategic Buyer is Right for Your Business

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Why the Big Dogs Are Buying Smaller Packaging and Label Companies

Eleven Ways to Control Your Emotions When You’ve Got a Business For Sale

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Ten Amazing Things to Do After Selling Your Printing Business

Five Time Management Tips to Help Sell Your Business Fast

Report Reveals Three Priorities for Printing Industry Execs

Why You Refuse Independence Day and Won't Sell Your Business

Seven Essential Tasks on a Seller’s Due Diligence List

Don’t Ask Your Parents When They Will Retire from the Family Business

Five Reasons Why Tackling the Tough Jobs Will Grow Your Company

Is “M&A For Dummies” All You Need to Sell Your Business?

Why Owners of Label Printing Companies are Sitting Ducks

Why Wall Street Loves Printers of Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Four Ways the British Created New Printing Business Opportunities

Lessons in Success from a Pharmaceutical Labels Printer

The Key To a Happy Retirement After Selling Your Printing Business

Four Strategies for Label Printers to Enter the Pharmaceutical Industry

Five Ways Label Companies Can Create a Niche

You Won’t Sell a Business Without These Four Financial Statements

ESOPs a Profitable Solution for Owners Looking to Sell a Business

An M&A Forum That's Critical Even if You're Not Looking for an M&A

How GOA Matched Latin American Printers with Business Growth Solutions

Seven Ways You Can Attract Top Talent to Your Printing Business

13 Must-Dos When Prepping Printing Businesses for Sale

4 Reasons Why B2B Matchmakers Produce Optimal Mergers and Acquisitions

Why Life After Retirement Depressed These CEOs

Meet the Successful “Printer” Who Doesn’t Own Any Presses

Invaluable Business Development Strategies from an Italian Label Company

How Focusing on One Goal Can Spur Company Growth

The Surprising Reason Why Owners Avoid Succession Planning Strategies

Why You're Seeing More Printing Businesses for Sale

The Six Questions You Must Ask to Grow Your Business in 2014

Experts' 2014 Predictions for the Printing and Converting Industries

12 Things We Hope Santa Gave Printing Owners for Christmas

Is Growing Your Printing Business in Brazil an Option?

The Big Mistake Owners Make When Hiring Sales People

How Do I Retire and Grow my Printing Business?

Business Growth Solutions to Help You Play With the Big Boys

For 2014, Is It Grow or No-Grow for Printing Owners?

Four Ways Greed Blinds Owners in a Merger and Acquisition

Rock LaManna’s Favorite Things from the 2013 SGIA Expo

10 Vertical Markets Ideal for Printing Short-Run Labels

Relief Without Confrontation from a Family Business Conflict

How Would You Like to Save 5-10% Off Your Printing Costs?

Getting Team to Function Like a Team is Critical for Lean Operations Management

What Makes a Printing Owner a Poor Decision Maker?

Quality Matters with Mergers and Acquisitions

10 Things You Missed at Print 13

NEW: The Printing Owner’s Guide to Making Big Decisions

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received on Making Decisions

The “Do Nothing” Conspiracy That Derails Succession Planning

Financially Speaking, Is “Doing Nothing” as a Printing Owner OK?

The Operational Impact on Your Printing Business When You “Do Nothing”

6 Reasons Why Print 13 and CPP Expo Will Be Your Turning Point

A Little Known Cause for a Family Business Conflict

Six Ways Lean Operations Can Save You Money TODAY

What History Tells Us About the Threat of Consolidation to Converters

How Consolidation is Poised to Transform the Converting Industry

Label Market Overview with Corey Reardon of AWA

Why Lean Operations Apply to Companies in Every Stage of Growth

How The BOSS Helps Resolve Family Business Conflict

How Your Client's Brain Responds to Your Sales Pitch – and Why They Say No

How Your Brain is Preventing You from Making Smart Ownership Decisions

What Really Happens During Family Business Counseling?

How Lean Operations Fuels Business Development

8 Reasons Why It’s More Cost Effective to Retain Than Recruit

PRESTO – How to Make a Million Dollar Sales Producer Appear

How an Intellectual Property Dispute Can Crush a Family Business

In a Global Marketplace, Regional Converters Rule

Calculating the Cost of Poor Quality to Your Business

Why Bankers and Printing Owners are at Odds

Three Examples of How a Business Solution Resolved a Family Crisis

20 Things We Learned From the AWA Mergers and Acquisitions Forum

Four Ways to Restore Your Printing Company’s Health

Seven Ways Your Printing Operation is Being Wasteful

Why Smart Owners Can Fail In the Printing Business

Interview with a Banker – The Cash Flow Conundrum Surfaces Again

The Green Box Can Help a Family Business Survive the Loss of an Owner

The Danger of Being an Ad Hoc Printing Owner

Setting Investors Straight at the AWA Mergers and Acquisitions Forum

How to Distinguish Between Distraction and Opportunity

Frustration a Two-Way Street in a Dysfunctional Family Business

Why Successful Printers Have a Quality Management System

Why Creating a Buyer Persona is Critical for Business Growth

New Report: Critical Metrics for Your Lean Operations

Rock LaManna’s New Year’s Resolutions for Printing Owners

The Two Systems That Make or Break a Family Business

Improve Your Company’s Performance By Losing Control

How to Choose the Right Metrics for Lean Operations

Family-Owned Business Problems Tied to the Trust Paradox

How Lean Principles Take You From AS-IS to SHOULD-BE

Why Proper Accounts Receivable Management is Mission Critical

Seven Big Questions Answered at SGIA Expo

The Key Steps to Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

The Secret to Setting (and Nailing) Sales Goals

Meet the Most Valued Commodity in the Printing World

The Danger of Spending More on Presses Than People

The Death Spiral of the Hands-On Business Owner

Warning: Why a Cash Trap Must be Avoided at All Costs

Six Essential Cash Flow Statement Uses

How An Exit Strategy for a Business Plan Influences Every Decision

Four Ways CEOs Treat Mergers and Acquisitions Like the Lottery

The Critical Element Missed By The Typical Valuation Model

Five Ways I Overcame Fear (and Lived to Tell the Tale)

Financial Metrics are Great, but Don’t Forget These Two Critical Items

Five Key Elements of an Effective Merger and Acquisition Strategy

You Don’t Need an M&A, You Need Sales Growth Strategies

Eight Reasons Why a Cash-Flow Analysis Shouldn’t Be In Your Head

Six Ways Your M & A is Guaranteed to Lose

Why this Family Business Went Outside the Business

Why I Don’t Talk About Financial Metrics At Dinner

Why a Financial Audit Can Lead to Amazing Things

Two Financial Metrics to Help You Choose the Next Big Thing

Why a Change Agent Can’t Change People – and What To Do About It

Five Lessons for Printing CEOs from the Slightly-More Muscular Rock

Five Ways to Reward Sweat Equity Fairly in a Succession Plan Strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s the Right Course of Action for Your Company

Warning: Do Not Make a Decision Until You Consult Your Cash Flow Analysis

LIBOR and Printing Executives - Are You Cooking Your Own Books?

The Wrong Business Development Strategy at The Wrong Time

Six Things You Must Do To Turn Around Your Printing Business

If You Don’t Listen to Your Financial Metrics, It Could Kill You

Four Quantitative Questions to Assess the Quality of Your Life

Two “Qs” that Could Determine the Fate of a Printing CEO

How We Turned This Valuation Report into a Breakthrough Strategy

Creating a Valuation Report More Accurate than an Independent Appraisal

Five Reasons Why You’re Struggling with Business Metrics

4 Keys to Making Collaboration an Organic Growth Strategy

Four Things My Father Taught Me About Succession Planning Best Practices

Is 3D Printing a Game-Changing Business Development Strategy?  (Part 4)

Is Landa’s New Printer a Game-Changing Business Development Strategy?  (Part 3)

Landa’s Printer a Game-Changing Business Development Strategy? (Part 2)

Landa and 3D Printers: Game-Changing Business Development Strategies?

Most Overlooked and Least Attainable Element of a Valuation Report

The Critical Element Missing from Your Succession Planning Template

Business Development Strategy - Rebuild Your Company Every Day

Bill Clinton Doesn't Get the Small Printing Business

When Do You Say “Hell Yeah” to Succession Planning Strategies?

What Financials are Important When Selling Your Printing Company?

Four Reasons Why “Familiarity” Should be Part of Your Acquisition Criteria

Warning: Your M&A Strategy Must Include This Critical Factor

Five Telltale Signs That Printers and Pro Athletes Need Executive Coaching

The Danger of Waiting to Create a Succession Planning Strategy

Business Development Strategy: Purchase Digital Label and Packaging Presses

5 Succession Planning Best Practices to Make You Immortal

Four Secrets to 3M’s Business Development Strategies

Successful Mergers and Acquisitions: Sparking the “Global Gold Rush”

Tommy Boy Needed the Right Succession Planning Model

New Free Report Simplifies Succession Planning Best Practices

Think of Lean Manufacturing as a Business Development Strategy

Six Smart Ways to Conduct a Buy-Side Acquisition Search

The Unspoken Reason why Printing Owners Don’t Pursue Divestitures

How to Sell a Small Business? Don’t “Sell It”

Succession Planning Best Practices: How They Boost Shareholder Value

Amazing Business Development Strategy: The 29% Growth Sector

WARNING: Do Not Attempt This with an M&A

Three Reasons Why Print Buyers Do NOT Buy on Price

Succession Planning Best Practices: The Colts’ Contingency Plan on the Fly

Electroluminescent Lamps: April’s Hot Printing Business Opportunity

Six Dangerous Misconceptions About a Valuation Report

Succession Planning Best Practices: Part 2

Succession Planning Best Practices: Part 1

Bad Succession Planning Model: Fire Your Child

Four Reasons for Getting a Valuation Report Every Three Years

Three Succession Planning Strategies for Really Busy Execs

Why Succession Planning Models Aren’t “All in the Family”

Why I Have More Buyers Than I Know What to Do With

Breaking Succession Planning News: We’re All Going to Die

Which Business Development Strategy is Ideal for Organic Growth?

Three Spot-On Business Turnaround Strategies for Printers

NAPL and PIA Merger a Sign of the Times

A Printing Industry Blog for Owners

Five Things the Right M&A Strategy Can Help You Access

Three Key Succession Planning Strategies for Printers

Five Words that Can Make a Small Printing Business Big

The One Critical Attribute for a Printing Executive

Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning Strategies

What an Earn Out Agreement Will – and Won’t – Do for You

Succession Planning Model: When Do You Start?

Three Things You Must Remember About a Valuation Report

Printing Business Opportunity: Hydrographics

Three Succession Planning Best Practices for Printing Owners

Three Ways to Become a Successful Printing Executive

Three Seller Types in Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Four Ways Corruption Derails a Successful Merger and Acquisition

“What is a Change Agent?” Who Cares?

3M – Avery Synergies a Smart Business Growth Strategy

Smart Business Strategy: How to Build Your Own Tom Brady

Turnaround Strategy: Think like a Chinese Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Why Investors Want an Earn-Out Agreement

Instead of Selling to Mr. Tightwad, Invest in Him

No One will Target Your Lifestyle for a Strategic Acquisition

Hot Niche: Throw Some Water on Red-Hot Hydrographics

Ranking the Top Succession Planning Models

No Surprise: Executive Coaching Returns Almost Six Times Its Cost

Four Essential Strategies to Avoid Company Liquidation

A Different Way to Niche with Your Business Development Strategy

When Does an Earn Out Agreement Make Sense? Part 3

When Does an Earn out Agreement Make Sense? Part 2

When Does an Earn Out Agreement Make Sense? Part 1

Two Examples of How Succession Planning Ensured a Legacy

Three Critical Leadership Traits for Printing Owners

Four Faulty Reasons Why Printing Owners Don't Have an Executive Coach

How Succession Planning Helps Throughout Printing Business Exit

Building a Business Development Strategy for Printers - Step 3

Building a Business Development Strategy for Printers - Step 2

Building a Business Development Strategy for Printers – Step 1

Why I’ve Become An Executive Coach for the Printing Industry

Why Your Printing Company Can’t Pull Out of the Recession

An Attractive Alternative to a Company Liquidation

Four Assets Valuation Techniques Take into Account

Six Areas of Growth in 2012 for the Printing Industry

Does Your Printing Company Have These Two Essential Elements?

7 Important Questions for Your Printing Industry Acquisition

Three Reasons Why Investors Fail to Make a Good Acquisition

Three Types of Buyers for Your Printing Business

The Difference Between an Opportunistic and Proactive Strategic Acquisition

Don’t Say “For Sale” With a Printing M & A

Three Things You Need to Sell Your Printing Company

3 Tips on How to Value a Printing Company

Why 80% of Printing Owners Won’t Hire Business Brokers

Five Poor Reasons Why Printing Companies Choose Liquidation

Three Different Valuation Methods for Printing Businesses

Can I (gulp) Sell My Printing Business On My Own?

What if Tony LaRussa was in the Printing Business?

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Printing Business?

Use an M & A Strategy to Occupy Wall Street

Yes, Even the Little Guys Can Do a Merger and Acquisition

5 Reasons Why FESPA Approach is the Right Approach

6 Things I Learned at the SGIA Expo

BOO - Why Printing Owners Fear an M & A

What’s Wrong with the Pricing of Business Brokers

Adapting to the New Paradigm in the Printing Industry

Printing Companies Can “Roccupy” Wall Street

Hashtags, QR Codes and the SGIA Expo

Two Big Reasons Why Subway Won’t Hire You to Do Their Printing

Who’s Helping the Smaller Printing Business Play the Big Guy’s Game?

Does the M&A World Value Business Valuations?

News from the Front: Wide-Format Digital is the Name of the Game

Why I Went to Italy When My Printing Business Slumped

Am I Being Negative About Printers in Trouble?

The Five Reasons Printers Need to Understand Strategic Transitions

A Perfect Example of a Win-Win-Win Printing Industry Merger

Drew Brees has the Perfect Turnaround Strategy for Your Printing Business

A Way Out: Case Study #1 for Printing Owner in Trouble

5 Strategic Transitions to Help Your Slumping Printing Business

Is Liquidation an Option for Your Slumping Printing Business?

Why Owners Want to Sell Their Printing Business

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Slumping Printing Business is Not Your Fault

Five Reasons Why Printing Owners Miss Out on Market Opportunities

Capital Available for New Opportunities in the Printing Industry

Is Being a Good Printing Owner Just for the Other Guy?

Keith and Mick: Role Models for a Successful M&A

Are you a printing owner looking for a way out?

Brilliant M&A Overview in Digital Output

4 Reasons Why a Flexo Printer Should Consider Digital Wide-Format

How the Little Printing Company Scores a Big-Time M&A

Three Essential Components of a Successful M&A

How to Have Faith In Your Printing M&A Dream

Three Ways to Use M&As to Enter Wide-Format Digital Printing Market

Good News, Bad News for M&As in Printing Industry

5 Ways to Tell if You're Serious About Selling Your Printing Business

Rock LaManna Designated “Industry Expert” in Printing Field

5 Reasons for Acquisition of a Wide-Format Digital Printing Company

Elimination of One Word Makes Politics and Mergers 100% Better

Hey Printers and Investors: It’s a Synergistic Market

Three Types of Investors Making a Printing Company Acquisition

Are You a “Need to Sell” Owner of a Printing Business?

Sellers Outpace Buyers in Printing Industry Mergers & Acquisitions

Witnessing Three Great Printing Industry Turnarounds

A Definition of Synergy Should Include Due Diligence

Three Model Corporate Synergies in an M&A

“Synergy” Meaning Success Even for the Fearful, Non-Selling Print Owner

3M Strategic Acquisition Misinterpreted

Finding Statistics on Printing Industry Acquisitions isn’t Easy

3 Reasons Why Sellers Thwart a Successful Merger and Acquisition

Don’t Forget About Pricing for A Successful Merger and Acquisition

What Rory McIlroy has in Common with a Successful Merger and Acquisition

A Critical Part of Any Successful Merger and Acquisition

Are Printers Scared to Establish a Synergistic Relationship?

Seven Signs Your Printing Business is Ready for Strategic Change

The One Reason Why an Acquisition Criteria is a Must

What is a Change Agent in the Printing Industry?

3 Reasons Why the Miami Heat had Poor Corporate Synergies

Turnaround Strategies Should Not Just Include Hiring Talent

Warning: Your Strategic Change is Not About Solutions

The Valuation Method Every Print Owner Should Avoid

Why Change Agents Scare the Bejabbers Out of the Printing Industry

The Danger of Not Thinking In Terms of Strategic Transitions

Putting Together an Acquisition Criteria for the Printing Industry

Who Needs the Drama? Building the Right Family Succession Plan

3M Strategic Acquisition a Game-Changer

Three Key Management Questions for a Strategic Acquisition

Three Tips Why You Don't Go Solo When Selling Your Printing Company

Can Printing Company Turnarounds Be a Successful M and A?

Do Bankruptcies Make For Successful Mergers and Acquisitions?

Miss This and You Won’t have a Successful Strategic Acquisition

Why Win-Win Strategic Transitions Are So Important

Two Key Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Printing Business

Rock LaManna Launches New Website and Blog