New Report: Critical Metrics for Your Lean Operations

Posted by Rock LaManna

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Happy New Year!  In the past few months, we’ve blogged repeatedly on the need for lean operations in today’s printing business. 

We’re going to be talking more about what encompasses lean operations and how it can help your organization, but we thought the basis for any more discussion must also involve establishing key metrics.

As you know, the LaManna Alliance is focused on using your financials to help drive your strategy.  Lean operations is no different.  Before you can begin to improve your processes, you must establish the key data points for those processes.

With the help of LaManna Alliance member Ed Klaczak, we’ve gleaned some of the most useful nuggets and created the report “Critical Metrics for Your Lean Operations.”  The report will provide you with:

  • The basis for choosing the right metrics
  • Examples of key metrics throughout the organization

Take a look - it's the first step toward getting lean!


Download a Report on Critical Metrics for Your Lean Operations

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