Five Lessons for Printing CEOs from the Slightly-More Muscular Rock

Posted by Rock LaManna on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

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I dig Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Not like my wife, who thinks he’s cute and likes him “because he’s always the good guy.” I think he’s a good guy too, but more for how he’s built his career than for his big smile and his build. Here are five things this Rock likes about the other Rock. Printing CEOs, take note:

1. He didn’t follow a set model. The Rock created a new business model, tailored specifically to his talents. A million consultants will offer a million different get-rich business plans, but you have to develop something that is new and innovative, yet answers your client’s needs.

2. He works at it, over and over again. Your business model won’t come overnight. The Rock reinvented himself multiple times. First he was a football player. Then he was a pro wrestler. Finally he wound up in movies, where every role seems to be a bit of a departure from the previous. He keeps working at it, every day, with every new role.

3. He dreams big, and then keeps dreaming bigger. I like how this guy never gets complacent with success. I don’t get a sense this is a case of ambition run amuck. It’s more like he enjoys what he does, and he’s always looking to make it better. Which should be the real point: Don’t just dream bigger, dream better.

4. He reinvented the wheel – and made it better. One of the smart moves The Rock made was taking tired old franchises and reinventing them. He jumped in on the Fast and Furious movies and ramped them back up (no pun intended).

5. He always believed he was something special. No one ever really took Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seriously when he was fighting his way up the entertainment food chain. A pro wrestler – c’mon. But The Rock knew he was something special, and he worked to prove it every day.

While I’m not happy that my wife thinks he’s cute, I do agree with her that part of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s allure is that he always plays the good guy. I think he’s a good guy with great business instincts. Sound like any a certain Rock that you know?

Photo by: david_shankbone

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