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Rock LaManna

About Rock Lamanna, SGIA, Florida Graphics

Rock LaManna is a seasoned business development executive, entrepreneur and business strategist with more than 30 years of proven experience. He has substantial hands-on success working with and participating in manufacturing operations, including start-ups; creating and implementing new markets; building key accounts and customer loyalty; and developing multiple strategic growth opportunities.

His relationships include privately held small-to-medium-sized businesses and Fortune 100 conglomerates. Rock has also structured strategic alliances and partnerships as the key negotiator and facilitator of long-term agreements with major global institutions.

He has contributed visionary strategies, implemented systems, and executed multiple successful business transactions, enabling companies to reach their full potential. His work ethic, inspired by team interaction, vision and passion, delivers exceptional results.

His company, LaManna Alliance LLC offers business consulting, negotiation services, and business and commercial real estate services. He’s also an expert at finding the right solution for succession or exit strategies.

Previously, Rock was a business owner and the President/CEO of Vomela Specialty Company in St. Paul, Minn., and the Founder and President/CEO of Advanced Converting Technologies Inc. in St. Paul. He has served as a permanent strategic consultant and chief project director for packaging, labels, and specialty graphics manufacturers.

Rock holds an Owner President Management degree from Harvard Business School in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management from Metro State University in St. Paul. He is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida.

Rock is committed to helping children with special needs and has partnered with nonprofit organizations on projects designed to boost educational opportunities and mobility.

His expertise is showcased as a national columnist, a podcast host, and an industry keynote presenter.